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Syringa Hospital & Clinics OB Services, Providers and Support Staff

Syringa offers one-to-one obstetrics for patients wishing to deliver close to home. Each of our family physicians follows their own patients and plans around the delivery. There is no call rotation, so you are likely to deliver with the doctor you have been seeing for your pregnancy. Each of our physicians are trained in advance care and surgical intervention in the unlikely event that you or your baby needed immediate assistance. Syringa is highly motivated to provide you with a safe delivery experience. The hospital also provides 24/7 anesthesia coverage for those wishing to have a little assistance with pain management.

The nursing staff is no exception to the excellent care you will receive at Syringa. With one-on-one nursing and a focus on newborn bonding, you will find that Syringa is dedicated to providing the best start at life for your newborn. The staff promotes skin to skin bonding and provides lactation support.