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Patients of all ages benefit from our ultrasound, CAT scans (CT), x-rays, MRI, Echocardiograms and bone density (DEXA) exams.

We offer computerized imaging which stores digital records of your studies, easily accessed by a medical provider, regardless of their location. If your doctor has access to the internet, we can make your latest radiology exam available for their use.

Additionally our innovative partnerships with regional radiological service providers save you both time and money.


Our x-ray team is made up of 5 experienced technologists, happy to provide excellent care to our patients. The department is open to walk-ins, with a physician's order, from 7am to 6pm Monday through Friday.


Our ultrasound technologist, Kathleen Walker, is RDMS and RDCS certified and available 4 days a week for your ultrasound needs. From abdominal to OB, vascular to small parts; Syringa is able to offer a long list of ultrasound exams, many times on the same day as your doctor's appointment.

CT Scan

Syringa Hospital & Clinics (SHC) is pleased to announce the acquisition and installation of a new state-of-the-art 64 row, 128 slice Toshiba CT scanner. Using Toshiba's newest technology (AIDR 3D and VELO CT software), the upgrade will result in the lowest radiation dose capabilities in northern Idaho and, at a minimum, matches the low dose CT systems in the Spokane area. This new system reduces the radiation dose to the patient by more than 50%, pediatric scans by up to 80%, and decreases time to perform the exam by 65% or more from the current scanner at SHC. The 128 slice CT creates a radiation dose protocol specific to the patient and exam, helping to eliminate unnecessary exposure.


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Bone Density (DEXA) exams

Syringa Hospital & Clinics is happy to provide quality DEXA evaluations. Schedule your Bone Density exam at your convenience, any Tuesday (exceptions may be made if necessary for another weekday).


St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center provides state of the art digital mammograms regularly in its mobile office on the Syringa Hospital campus. They work with the Komen Foundation and Women's Health Check to make mammography and breast health services available to everyone who needs it.Click the link below to learn more about St. Joseph's new Breast Imaging Center.


The most technologically advanced MRI services in Idaho County are provided by MRI Mobile every Wednesday at Syringa Hospital & Clinics. They are equipped with 16-channel head/neck/spine coil technology.

Looking for more information about the MRI Visit: what to expect, how to prepare, etc? Click here.


SHC partners with Phoenix Radiology in Lewiston, ID. Their radiologists read your exams and consult with your medical team when necessary. A radiologist will travel to SHC to perform your procedures such as CT or Ultrasound guided needle biopsies and more.

Call the Radiology Department at 983-8529 for specific questions on testing and/or sending test results to your primary care physician.